Vermont Joy Parade | Burlington, VT
The Vermont Joy Parade is a collection of some of the most talented and respected musicians, songwriters, and performers from the vibrant Burlington, VT music scene. A six piece ensemble featuring banjo, ... more info
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Vermont Joy Parade

Burlington, VT


  • Ben Aleshire aka Jowles Endwell:
    coromonet, kazookulele, vocalmunations, clown nose
  • Dan Fancher aka Jiggs Endwell:
    drumamaphone, washamaboard, vocalmunations, handlebar moustache
  • Anna Pardenik aka Fannie Ardeno:
    pianoforte, guitmo, vocalmunations, jitterbug
  • Benjamin Strosberg aka Captain Benny Pants:
    banjotron 1800 AD, vocalmunations, juggling pins
  • Galen Peria aka Duke Airplane:
    accordionet, pianoforte, vocalmunations, goggles
  • Devin Robinson aka M. Lee Mason:
    guitmaphone, vocalmunations, Kazzooky, Thackery T. Lambshed's pomade cream
  • Taylor Smith aka Bogz Blitzkrieg:
    vertical bassamophone, stretch trombone, vocalmunations, the 'tall seat-high bounce' shuffle


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