When: 12/21/17 - 12/21/17       Time: 6-7:30 PM

Where: Cobra Gymnastics & Dance Center       City: Rutland, VT

Price: $11 Cobra members/$13 non-members/$5 first class

Description: Come celebrate the shortest day of the year with 36 sun salutations interspersed with 18 moon salutations. Stephanie will lead 6 rounds of 6 distinct variations of sun salutations and 3 rounds of 6 different versions of moon salutations. Listening to your body is encouraged whenever needed, and you can rest whenever needed. This is a great opportunity to be in community, and rededicate yourself to your yoga practice during this busy season.

Contact Name: Stephanie A Jones

Phone: 802-773-6419       Email: sajyoga@gmail.com

Related Link: www.sajyoga.weebly.com

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