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Call 802-362-2000 or email info@Vermont.com.

Based on your marketing goals and budget, we can tailor an advertising program for your business. Contact us today to get started!
For examples of placements, see our media kit (PDF). (get Adobe Reader)

This is what you will get for a paid inclusion in our searchable database:

  1. Listings
  2. Packages
  3. Sponsorships

Each level offers a variety of opportunities to help market your business.


1. Listings include:

  • An "Internal Business Page" (click here for example), including:
    • Company Logo & Description of your Business
    • Contact Info: Address, Phone Numbers, Link to your Website
    • Description of your Amenities/Services or other info about your business
    • Photo Gallery images of your Business/Services
    • A "Contact Us" form for visitors to contact you, directly to your email address
    • Google Map of your business location (physical address or lat/lon coordinates)
  • A link to your website and a link to your "Internal Business Page" on a subcategory listing page, available at both the statewide and regional levels.
  • Some listings may also include a Featured Promotion: 100x100 banner with description on a City or Regional Page.

Rates vary depending on the type of business and the number of listing pages chosen.
* Contact us about special promotions we may be offering *
Call 802-362-2000 or email info@Vermont.com.


2. Packages include:

  • All the benefits of Listings, plus...
    • A larger selection of subcategories, for more exposure and conversion opportunities.
    • Rotation on the Vermont.com Homepage.
    • Appropriate inclusion in the "Top Deals" section to promote your specials.
    • Text link in "Lodging Spotlight" or "Weddings" Spotlight - as applicable
    • Text Link in "Seasonal" Spotlight - as applicable

* Contact us to discuss your needs *
Call 802-362-2000 or email info@Vermont.com.


3. Sponsorship options include:

  • All the benefits of Listings and Packages, plus...
    • The widest selection of categories.
    • Inclusion on the Vermont.com Homepage, in rotation.
    • "Top Sponsor" Logo near the top of every sub-page (150x50 and/or 180x150)
    • Inclusion in the "Top Deals" section to promote your specials, 24/7
    • 550x100 Leaderboard Banner, in rotation, at the top of 1 or more pages. (See an example at the top of this page)
    • Potential for partnership, investment, and co-branding opportunities with new and exciting modules under development on Vermont.com.

* Contact us to customize a sponsorship for your business *
Call 802-362-2000 or email info@Vermont.com.


Based on your marketing goals and budget, we can tailor an advertising program for your business. Once you have spoken with a Vermont.com representative about paid advertising and are ready to get started, please complete the sign up form.

If you don't have a website or your budget doesn't allow for paid advertising at this time, you can sign-up for free inclusion in our searchable database. (example)


Things we ask of all advertisers:

  1. Banner artwork - Included in your price is your initial logo-banner. If you need additional banners, we can create those for $60/hr.
  2. A cross-link on the advertiser's site linking back to Vermont.com. When calculating a website's page rank, link popularity is one thing that is considered by search engines. By exchanging links with high quality websites that share a common theme you help search engines identify your website's particular niche and raise its value. For instance, Google figures that if websites it has already identified as being of value are linking to your website, then your website must be of value also. Check out our Premade Links to put on your own website. It's just a simple copy and paste, so link to us today!
  3. A testimonial letter to be posted on Vermont.com when the goals and results are realized. (This gives viewers another opportunity to get your information since we post these letters with a hyper-text link that go directly to your Vermont.com business page!) Visit our Testimonials Page to see what others have said about Vermont.com.
  4. Statistics reports from the existing ISP, to compare "before and after" results.
  5. Barter - (dinner, lodging, product and service, etc.) - marketing items and/or services for periodic contests and giveaways to create excitement and generate interest continually drawing repeat visitors to your site.