2116 Middletown Rd.
Andover, VT. 05143 
E-mail:  susanleader@vermontel.net
Business Office:  802-875-2321:  24hrs a day
For immediate direct order of individual pieces please call
802-874-4222 between 9:30-5:00 all days except Tuesdays or 802-875-2321 anytime.
Rounded, ruffled edge salad
bowl w/strawberry design.
+/- 10" wide x 4" tall      $72.00
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A native Vermonter, Susan Leader studied ceramics at Antioch College in the early 1970's, then went on to serve an apprenticeship in Japan during her early 20's.  There she gained a degree in discipline and respect for folk art traditions.  Returning to her native New England, Susan took another look at American traditions in clay and was drawn to the technique of "Spongeware" as a means of expressing her art.  She has succeeded in creating a line of functional tableware and accent pieces that have universal appeal.  With their fresh twist on the "nostalgic country charm" that all of us  crave, her pieces beg to be used daily, and held close to the heart.
Susan's pottery has evolved into a real "Mom & Pop" home business.  With her husband, John, a prize-winning old time fiddler, she operates a studio in Andover, VT.  Susan does the throwing and decorating, while John manages the studio.  Their daughters, Lila (19) and Ida (16) continue to help more with each passing year.  If you are lucky enough to spot the family at a local Vermont craft fair, be sure to look for the special display of the girl's pottery.  
Cream and sugar containers. 
+/- 5" tall     $32.00ea. 
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One plate and two pie plates  
in roses w/hearts 'n checks pattern.  
10" - 12" diameter (Pie plates are 2" tall) 
retail $46.00 - $48.00 
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To the basic hearts and checks motif, pansies, roses, stars, rabbits, carrots, radishes, hummingbirds, bows, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelons, cherries, roosters teddy bears, and even chili peppers have been added.  Don't feel overwhelmed, we promise not to put all of these on any one dish.  But we are convinced that it is the variety and the unexpected combinations that keep your customer / collectors coming back.
All pieces are 100% lead-free, oven and micro-wave safe.  If a piece is to be used as a vase, please make sure you protect your furniture by putting a small plate under the vase. 

Orders are often shipped out immediately, but we do say six weeks notice may be needed during our busy season.  Shipping and packing is 12% or 15% west of the Mississippi. 

If you would like specific shapes and /or designs, let us know.  Most of our shops order by giving us their preferences, but usually they give us a dollar amount and we put together a varied collection of pieces totaling that amount.

Two press-molded fish platters  
in pansy and hearts 'n checks design.  
14" long $72.00ea. 
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