61 N Main St
Rochester, VT 05767
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My name is Beth Frock & I am the owner/designer of (b frocked by) Boysenberry.

Boysenberry was born when I found myself very frustrated that so many baby clothes are gender oriented. We did not know that we were having a girl and I received a lot of white clothing as baby shower gifts so I started making colorful unisex clothing on my wish list that I didn’t get as a gift and was unable to find in stores. I’m not big on baby pastel colors and keep much of the line in bright, colorful fabrics.

The Boysenberry store is located online and in downtown Rochester, Vermont. We are a small company where each item is handmade individually in the store. We are committed to using high quality fabrics, unique and fun designs, and helping to meet the fashion needs of kids and their families everywhere.

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