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Edward Swanson: Author

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Arlington , VT 05250
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Edward Swanson is an award-winning author of dark, time-period thrillers.  His second novel, Madoc's Legacy, was ranked by Kirkus Reviews a "Best Books of 2014." Set in the 1840s, the book's main character, a former Manhattan Police Captain, Alvord Rawn, joins a trapping party in the upper Michigan wilderness and is drawn into strange happenings related to ancient secrets. 

His first novel, Mesmer's Disciple, also features Alvord Rawn who travels to St. Louis to track the missing son of a wealthy society woman and finds he must take on a fight he never anticipated.

Swanson is currently working on a third novel -- a psychological thriller set in Vermont.


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Swanson's novels include:

  • Mesmer's Disciple
  • Madoc's Legacy

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