Stellafane | Springfield, VT


211 Jordan Road
Springfield, VT 05156


On December 7, 1923 the first official meeting of the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. was held. Their clubhouse, Stellafane, was completed soon after, and is considered the birthplace of Amateur Telescope Making. Stellafane is host to the oldest telescope making convention and star party in the world.

About the Stellafane Convention

Started in 1926, the Stellafane Convention is a gathering to give amateur telescope makers an opportunity to get together to show off their creations and teach each other telescope making & mirror-grinding techniques.

All telescopes are welcome and if you've made your own, you are encouraged to display it in the telescope fields near the Stellafane Clubhouse and enter it in the mechanical and/or optical competition.

There are also mirror-grinding and telescope-making demonstrations, technical lectures on telescope making and the presentation of awards for telescope design and craftsmanship.

Vendor displays and the retail sale of commercial products are not permitted.

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