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Your Business Story, on your web page, on internet video sites, told in a 5-8 minute video segment on the new Internet Video Series - VIP Vermont In Person. Let Vermonters and people around the world know about your business.

Easy going and informational. No hard sell advertising. Each 5 to 8 minute segment is intended to inform, tell a story, let the viewer become interested in your business.

Give viewers enough information of a broad interest that will be pertinent over a period of six months from original videotaping. The presentation is conversational, one-to-one with the viewer - no scripted monologue.


Aspects To Consider For Your Segment

  • How long has the business operated? Recent milestone anniversary? Family business?
  • Historic location? Downtown district or rural setting? Region location? Nearby attractions or points of interest?
  • Service or product that has made the business well known?
  • “Hidden Treasure” - a service or product offered by you that the public doesn’t know about?
  • Something new that has just been added to your business?
  • Interaction of you and your staff with customers?
  • “Visual treat” - aspect of your business that will show well on camera - including how a product is made, or displayed, or service performed?
  • Has your business received any awards, peer or industry recognition?
  • What ways do your customers have of interacting with your business - at your location, on the internet, by phone, by catalog or brochure?
  • Any other aspect of your business that can be told as an informational story?

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