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Vermont Renewable Fuels, Inc

22 Blue Spruce Lane
East Dorset, VT 05253
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Vermont Renewable Fuels, Inc. is a locally owned business focused on helping home and business owners save money while supporting the local economy.  Whether you currenly heat with oil, propane or cord wood, we can use your existing central heating system to reduce your fuel bills.  By converting or replacing your existing boiler or furnace to one that burns locally made wood pellets, we can save you thousands every year.

Our Vermont-made fully automated Pellergy conversion systems are connected to your existing thermostat and heat your entire house.  When mated with a bulk pellet bin and auger, those sytems offer whole-house heating without having to haul, empty, and toss 40lb bags.  Vermont Renewable Fuels also delivers BioBricks and wood pellets by the ton, in bulk, and in bags.  Visit our showroom in East Dorset to see our full line of pellet and wood boilers and furnaces including the new Wood Master Flex Fuel, Ultra and Force 20 models as well as a full line of Pellergy boilers and furnaces.    All products are made in the  USA and come with a full warranty.


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