Addison, Vermont

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Addison is a town in Addison County, in mid Vermont, founded in October 1761 and was named after Joseph Addison, an English essayist, poet, playwright and politician.

Villages of the town include: Addison Four Corners, located at the junction of VT Route 22A and Vermont Route 17 near the east side of the town; Chimney Point, located at the junction of Vermont Route 17 and Vermont Route 125 on the shore of Lake Champlain by the Champlain Bridge (aka: Crown Point Bridge); and West Addison, located at the junction of Church Street and Jersey Street South, near Vermont Route 17 on the west side of town.

The Champlain Bridge (Crown Point Bridge), one of only two bridges connecting New York and Vermont across Lake Champlain, was opened to traffic in 1929 as a toll bridge until 1987 when the tolls were removed. The bridge was closed due to safety concerns in October 2009 and a replacement bridge opened in November 2011.

A notable person from the area was the American composer, Silas G. Pratt.

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