Greensboro, Vermont

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Greensboro Vermont is the southernmost town in Orleans County, in the beautifully scenic Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, an area that National Geographic selected as part of their geotourism program for sustainable destinations. The town includes the places of Campbells Corners, East Greensboro, Gebbie Corner, Greensboro Four Corners, Greensboro Bend, The Four Corners, Tolmans Corner, and Burlington Point.

Circus Smirkus, a non-profit youth circus, is based here. Some notable people from Greensboro include: professor emeritus at Princeton University, Robert Gilpin; author John Gunther; cross-country skier Andrew Johnson; scholar & editor, Bliss Perry; US Chief Justice William Hubbs Rehnquist; filmmaker & actor, Duncan M. Rogers; and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Wallace Stegner.

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Vermont Events in July

Cirque Barcode - Branché 7/31/21 - 7/31/21

Highland Center is proud to present a public preview of Cirque Barcode’s Branché, a circus show for people of all ages, played outdoors, that evokes with simplicity and optimism the climate crisis by celebrating the strength of community. In the show, the acrobats revolve around each other, on top of each other, climbing, jumping, pushing with a growing desire, an insatiable need to be higher and more dangerous. They build spectacular, yet fragile human pyramids. This frantic pursuit of infinite growth makes for a heart stopping scene of acrobats falling, slipping, and tumbinging down to the ground. The shock of their collapse permits the acrobatics to become conscious of their frenzy. They start to connect with each other and with the nature around them. A more tender acrobatic language develops between the artists and the trees. The bodies climb and support each other, in harmony this time, not with a desire for heights but in an act of participating in the collective. Branché adapts and evolves with the different urban and natural landscapes where it is played, from parks to forests to city streets, anywhere there are trees. Each show is as unique as the location in which it is played; its content is influenced by its environment. To better celebrate the beauty and the specificities of each location, the public is guided through three different natural stages by the artists throughout the show. This performance will require the audience to walk a short distance, including uneven terrain. There are two performances of Branché - 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM. Order tickets online at highlandartsvt.org. Enjoy a delicious picnic dinner during the show! Order your picnic in advance when you purchase your tickets online, and dinner will be waiting for you when you arrive for the show. Picnics are available for pickup starting at 5 PM. A limited number of meals will be available for on-site purchase.

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