Northfield, Vermont

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Northfield, Vermont is a town in Washington County, in the Waterbury-Montpelier region of the state. The town, located within the Green Mountains, contains the village of Northfield.

Northfield has been home to Norwich University since 1866 when it moved from Norwich, Vermont. Norwich is the oldest private military college in the United States and has been the main employer of the town since the 20th century.

Some notable residents from the town of Northfield include: Charles Paine, 15th Governor of Vermont and president of the Vermont Central Railroad; and Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader.

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Vermont Events in October

2022 Norwich University Military Writers' Symposium 10/12/22 - 10/13/22

“Robots Rising: Arming Artificial Intelligence” Warfare has changed – combat is no longer relegated to singular battlefronts or even to the kinetic world. Battles are now fought block to block in city streets, in the air without pilots, in cyberspace and very likely, in space. What was once science fiction is now reality. Among all these changes is the unprecedented advancement of robotics over the past ten years. Rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have created new possibilities for robotic applications. Artificial intelligence systems and robotics are being adopted across many sectors of society, to include infrastructure, business, security and defense applications. How do we combat against bad actor hacking of essential infrastructure functions? How does the deployment of artificially intelligent robots armed with latest lethal weaponry alter the current and future battlefield? What are the concerns of AI networks in direct combat with other AI networks? What ethical concerns come with allowing these types of systems to run wild? The 2022 Norwich University Military Writers’ Symposium will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence as a force multiplier from the perspective of some of the globe’s leading experts in the field.

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