When: 01/05/18 - 01/07/18       Time: Fri, 1/5/18 4:00 PM – Sun,1/7/18, 2:00 PM

Where: The Monastic Academy 751 Page Road       City: Lowell, VT

Price: Sliding Scale

Description: Join the eleven full-time trainees at the Monastic Academy and a small group of guests as we synthesize formal meditation and circling (interpersonal meditation) for our second weekend retreat. Circling is a matrix of interpersonal practices, principles, and distinctions that allow people to relate with each other far below the content of words. It brings people into direct contact with the dynamics that underlie relationships and invites them to use this rich interpersonal field as a place from which to glean understanding and healing. Often by dropping views and slipping deeper into the immediate experience of relationships a doorway to a world beyond words opens, offering a taste of transcendence. This provocative, and alternately unnerving and deeply calming practice of circling will be complemented by a foray into traditional practices of mindfulness of breathing and the body. The skills that we learn in working directly with our own minds in turn support working with others and vice versa. A rich synergy between personal and group practice emerges. Most of the weekend time will be dedicated towards circling practice with others. The weekend introduces people to the basics of circling including group exercises, guided meditations, and and circling sessions. It’s is open to anyone interested in meditation and circling. The weekend schedule will also include traditional meditation including chanting, silent sitting practice, walking meditation, and more. The schedule is rich and full, but you may adapt it to your needs. The retreat is designed to fit anyone from complete beginner to experienced practitioners. Please send any questions to info@monasticacademy.com. The Monastic Academy, known for its commitment to training formal meditation, serves as an excellent base for exploring the emerging field of interpersonal meditation. We are the only retreat center (maybe only residential community) in the world that regularly practices circling on a weekly basis and have been doing so for over two years.

Contact Name: Peter Park

      Email: peterpark@cml.org info@cml.org

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