When: 02/26/18 - 02/27/18       Time: 9:00

Where: Winston Prouty Center for Child & Family Development Brattleboro, VT       City: Brattleboro, VT

Price: see link

Description: Person centered thinking workshops introduce seven skills and tools to build capacity for person centered practices. If you are a parent, caregiver or healthcare worker wanting the world to see people with disabilities or frailties as valued and valuable, this workshop will offer great ideas. With hands-on practice exercises, you will learn tools for information gathering, decision making, learning and action planning. The training in person centered thinking serves as a foundation for everyone who is involved in supporting people with significant disabilities and is recommended for all paid staff regardless of their role. We have discovered that implementation of person centered planning is more likely when staff have participated in this training.

Contact Name: Roy Gerstenberger

Phone: 802-777-9456       Email: roy@firstpersonservices.com

Related Link: http://conta.cc/2qUams4

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