When: 09/26/18 - 09/26/18       Time: 7:30 PM

Where: College Street Congregational Church, 265 College Street       City: Burlington, VT

Price: Buy in Advance and Save: $40 General Admission / $35 Senior / $10 Student/Low Income (Tickets at the door: $43 / $38 / $10) Under 18 admitted free / Doors open at 7 PM

Description: Blue Heron comes to the hometown of its director, Scott Metcalfe, to present a program of 15th-century Franco-Flemish music designed for the exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal entitled “Resplendissantes enluminures: Livres d’heures du XIIIe au XVIe siècle dans les collections du Québec / Resplendent Illuminations: Books of Hours from the 13th to the 16th Century in Quebec Collections” (September 5, 2018 to January 6, 2019). The program will be presented in Montreal on September 27. Books of hours offered the laity a way to experience a devotional practice similar to that of the monastic orders. They are largely centered on devotion to Mary and contain a calendar, the Little Office or Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a selection of psalms, Marian antiphons, a Litany, and other prayers, including prayers to Christ in his Passion. The illuminations depict events in the life of Mary and Jesus and other moments in biblical history, and include images of the Saints, portraits of donors or patrons, illustrations of seasonal work and play, and whimsical or grotesque marginalia. Our program mirroring the contents of a book of hours includes both devotional music and secular chansons that were quoted allegorically in Marian works, and features music by Guillaume Du Fay, Gilles Binchois, Johannes Ockeghem, Johannes Regis, Alexander Agricola, and Josquin Desprez. Doors and box office open at 7 PM Blue Heron Margot Rood & Martin Near, cantus Owen McIntosh, Jason McStoots, Stefan Reed & Sumner Thompson, tenor & contratenor Paul Guttry & David McFerrin, bass

Contact Name: Janet Stone

Phone: 6179607956       Email: office@blueheron.org

Related Link: http://www.blueheron.org/concerts/other-concerts-events/out-of-town-concerts/concert-in-burlington-flos-florum-flower-of-flowers/

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