When: 12/09/18 - 12/09/18       Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Where: Stone Center Arts       City: Bellows Falls, VT

Price: $135.00

Description: Do You Wish You Could Sing? This workshop is designed for YOU! Become more confident and expressive with your voice. If you’ve wanted to sing in a chorus, wished you could sing along with friends, wanted to feel more comfortable singing the Happy Birthday song, or even just get more out of singing by yourself, this full-day workshop is the perfect first step! If you can talk you can sing! Yes, EVEN YOU!! Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun Discover your own natural voice Become more confident – experience some singing success! Take home skills to start you on your way! “I really surprised myself, in many ways. I had a wonderful time and came away with more confidence than I felt possible!” – A Workshop Participant Through a combination of games, improvisation and simple songs from around the world we’ll explore different aspects of the voice. Did you know that adults & teens can learn to sing in much the same way a child learns language — through immersion and play?! In that spirit, we’ll… Create a space of non-judgement, and replace the “cringe,” with curiosity! Make all kinds of crazy sounds and noises — just to discover what we’ve got! Learn to listen differently and more deeply. Discover the profound joy of boldly singing with other people! Dig into different learning styles, discovering YOUR best inroads to music learning. Discuss the basics of music theory, so you’ll understand more about how songs work. Sing familiar songs and learn new ones! We’ll create a tool kit of accessible techniques for you to take home and use as you develop your skills. Discover the joy of your unique voice and let go of that old idea that singing isn’t for you!

Contact Name: Nancy Salwen

Phone: 6033574693       Email: nancy@salwen.net

Related Link: http://www.fearofsinging.com/bellows-falls-dec/

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