When: 03/30/19 - 03/30/19       Time: 7:00 p.m.

Where: Northshire Bookstore       City: Manchester, VT

Price: 0

Description: We are thrilled to welcome Darius James to Manchester as he presents a classic novel finally back in print! Negrophobia is a wild-eyed reckoning with the mutating insanity of American racism. A screenplay for the mind, a performance on the page, a work of poetry, a mad mix of genres and styles, a scabrous, truly hilarious, and deeply scary novel like no other. For this free event, Darius will be in conversation with Pam Breaux the president and CEO of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. This feverish nightmare of racism is finally back in print after 25 years. Wickedly hilarious, raunchy, vile, and terrifying, Negrophobia is written as a screenplay whose racist protagonist Bubbles Brazil descends into a hallucinatory drug- and voodoo-induced phantasmagoria of black stereotypes. In just one sequence, Nazi-outfitted Disney characters celebrate the Last Supper with a plasticine Jesus as a skyscraper-sized African-American nose devised by the Zombie Master (and his trusted sidekicks Zombie Elvis and JFK’s head on spider legs) destroys the festivities! — Reviewed by Dafydd Wood, Northshire Bookstore

Contact Name: Dafydd Wood

Phone: 802-362-2200       Email: events@northshire.com

Related Link: https://www.northshire.com/event/darius-james

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