When: 07/26/19 - 07/28/19       Time: 3 days

Where: Sunray Peace Village       City: Lincoln, VT

Price: $100 – $300, under 12 free

Description: This Year’s Theme: We Can All Trace Our Roots the Stars.Stars https://sunray.org/programs/elders-gathering/ Hosted by Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee and Drikung Kgayu lineage, Native Elders from Zuni, Micmaq, Mohawk, and more. It is time we open the conversation and acknowledge that our dance upon the Mother Earth is an extraordinary exploration that began in outer space. It’s not the ‘woo woo’ drama of alien beings. This year the elders and presenters will speak about the elements through which all forms arise and how they began in outer space. Deep inner peace is understood when we recognize ourselves as multi-universal beings. We have relationships with multiverses. To think that what is done on Mother Earth is just an Earth impact is just an illusion. Whatever occurs resonates through the field and touches everyone in an instant. In an instant we can decide to be loving, compassionate beings. In an instant we can recall the power of our minds to manifest peace. This multicultural celebration is where people of many nations come together to pray, share and study ways that contribute to positive transformation in the world.

Contact Name: Elders Gathering

      Email: info@sunray.org

Related Link: https://sunray.org/programs/elders-gathering/

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