When: 08/18/19 - 08/18/19       Time: 730pm

Where: Weston Playhouse       City: Weston, VT

Price: $15

Description: Film noir set in the near future where down on their luck humans are genetically modified with enhanced stamina to perform tedious, arduous, or dangerous jobs and become Mungos. Geneticist, Hal Briggs, begins tinkering with the code to create 'high-end" Mungos, then one escapes. Order tix thru WPT https://westonplayhouse.secure.force.com/ticket/#details_a0S4M000008qE26UAE

Contact Name: Jay Craven

Phone: 802-824-5288       Email: jcraven@sarahlawrence.edu

Related Link: https://kingdomcounty.org/film-tour

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